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Ensure your family’s Regular Health Checkup, with our Single Use SAFETY KIT

Our sedentary lifestyle at home, irregular eating habits and exercise calls for a routine body checkup. Atulaya Healthcare, Full Body Checkup + Immunity Package will help you evaluate the current status of your body and also helps to determine the potential future health risks.
Make, health a priority with the most affordable health packages, suitable for all age groups.

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* T & C Applied
Full Body Package - Included Tests:


Thyroid Function Test: T3, T4, TSH;

Lipid profile: Total Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, VLDL, Triglycerides, Cholesterol/ HDL ratio, LDL/HDL Ratio, Triglyceride/ HDL Ratio, Non HDL Cholesterol, Total Lipids;

Liver function test (LFT): SGOT, SGPT, Serum Bilirubin Total, Serum Bilirubin Direct, Alkaline Phosphatase, Total Protein, Albumin, Globulin, Albumin/Globulin ratio;

Renal function test (RFT) / Kidney Function Test (KFT): Serum Creatinine, Blood Urea Nitrogen, Uric acid, GFR Estimated, Urea, BUN/ Creatinine Ratio, Urea/ Creatinine Ratio;

CBC (complete blood cell count,): Hemoglobin, TLC, DLC, Neutrophils, Absolute Neutrophils Count, PCV, MCV, MCH, MCHC, Monocytes, Absolute Monocytes Count, Eosinophils, Absolute Eosinophil Count, Basophils, Absolute Basophils Count, RDW, Platelet count, Red blood cell count, PCT, MPV, Nucleated Red Blood Cells, Nucleated Red Blood Cells %

Bone Health: Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, Calcium

Full Body Package + Immunity Package - Included Tests:

57 blood tests of Full Body Health Package +

Iron Profile: Iron, TIBC, Iron Saturation Percentage

Immunoglobulin IgE

Immunoglobulin IgA /IgG / IgM

Test Procedure: Blood Sample
Preparation: Overnight fasting preferred
Reporting: Report will be available online within 48 hrs.

Covid-19 Health Tips

Please maintain proper social distancing

Covid-19 Health Tips

Wear Mask & Wash Hands Frequently

Covid-19 Health Tips

Cover your mouth while sneezing

Covid-19 Health Tips

Clean & Disinfect your surroundings frequently

Covid-19 Health Tips

Look after elderly

Covid-19 Health Tips

Eat Healthy

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