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Our Team

Atulaya Healthcare has grown into a team of 500+ people and is still growing.Atulaya Healthcare has an interdisciplinary team of pathologists, radiologists and technicians working hand in hand to create and deliver quality results. Our Technicians are also trained from the most reputed Institutes in the country like PGI, etc.. Atulaya Healthcare has a qualified and compassionate Phlebotomist team.

Atulaya Healthcare has grown into a team of 500+ people and is still growing.

Our Quality Policy

Atulaya Healthcare is Accredited with NABL for lab and ICMR approved lab for Covid. Atulaya Healthcare provides patient accurate diagnostic results. To this end, Strict quality control programs both internal and external are incorporated into our laboratory process.

Pillars of Atulaya Healthcare

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    Personalized Care
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Our Aim

Our aim is to set standards of excellence in imaging and clinical laboratory services through innovation, quality and patient care.

We are committed to provide world class Diagnostic services and making healthcare affordable to people across north India/India

ESG Report

ESG Audit/Impact Assessment Report FY 2022-23

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