Hematology Test in Chandigarh, Jammu, Faridabad, Ludhiana

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Hematology Test – “Hematology is the branch of medicine concerned with the nature, function and diseases of the blood. It covers the cellular and plasma composition of the blood, blood cell formation, hemoglobin synthesis and disorders of all of these.”

Equipment Used

Hematology 5 part Analyser- maximizes the effectiveness of costly platelet transfusions with accurate results, provide sensitive and specific RBC morphology for accurate and early detection of diseases. Equipment in Chandigarh lab has a unique feature of differentiating anemia’s with advanced RBC and reticulocyte technology.

Typical Hematology Profiles

  • Hemoglobin, RBC, WBC, Mean Cell Volume (MCV), Mean Cell Hemoglobin (MCH), Mean Cell Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC), Platelets, Total and Differential Count, Blood film


Pathology available at:

  • Chandigarh
  • Jammu
  • Muktsar, Punjab
  • Faridabad