Complete Health Package

MRP: 5170 OFFER: 2495
Parameters: 55
Age: 18 Years and Above
Markers Details Checkup
Infection Marker Help us to diagnose infection levels in body. Urine Examination
Haemogram/CBC- Hb,TLC,DLC,PCV,MCV,MCH,MCHC,Platelet Count,RBC Count
Kidney Function Test Routine diagnostic test performed to collect information about kidney’s overall functionality Renal Profile- Serum Creatinine- Blood Urea Nitrogen- Uric Acid
Cholesterol It is done to analyse the levels of good & bad cholesterol in the blood, as they are an excellent indicator for condition of your heart. Lipid Profile- Cholesterol- AHDL- LDL- Triglycerides- ALDL-VDI
Diabetes Markers It is diagnostic test to collect information about blood sugar level of the patient and average of blood sugar level in the last 3 months. Blood Sugar(Fasting)
HBA1c(Glycosylated haemoglobin)
Thyroid Check A thyroid profile is a group of tests that are often ordered together to help evaluate thyroid gland function and to help diagnose thyroid disorders. TSH(Thyroid Stimulating Harmone)
Liver Test It is done to know information about liver’s overall functionality . Liver Function Test-SGPT- SGOT- Serum Bilirubin total & direct- Alkaline Phosphatase – Total protein – Albumin – Globulin – Albumin : Globulin Ratio
Bone Screening It is done to know how strong the bones are. Serum Calcium
Vitamin Deficiency It is done to know various levels of various vitamins in the body.Vitamins are the building blocks that keep your bodies running.They help build muscle and bone,capture energy,heal wounds. Vitamin D3
Vitamin B12
Iron Test The iron profile is the best way to tell the difference between iron deficiency (not enough iron in your blood) anemia and other kinds of anemias. Iron Profile- S. Iron, % Saturation, TIBC