Positron emission tomography, also called PET imaging or a PET scan, is a diagnostic examination that involves getting images of the body based on the detection of radiation from the emission of positrons. Positrons are tiny particles emitted from a radioactive substance administered to the patient.

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PET stands for Positron Emission Tomography. PET scan measures metabolic activity using a radioactive glucose (F18 FDG) given by intravenous injection.

PET produces functional images that can detect disease earlier than the anatomic information gained from USG / CT / MRI. PET / CT combines two scan techniques in one exam – a PET scan and a CT scan. The PET & CT together provide more accurate and detailed information about the location, nature and extent of the lesion or disease than either PET or CT alone. PET / CT is an excellent diagnostic modality for Cancer, Neurological diseases, infections, etc.

In CANCER, PET / CT can show:

  • Where the tumor is.
  • How big is it?
  • Distinguish benign (Non-cancerous) tumors from Cancerous ones.
  • Has the cancer spread?
  • What is the stage of the cancer?
  • Whether treatment or therapies are effective or not?
  • Detect recurrence. To determine if cancer has returned after treatment.

In the BRAIN, PET / CT or PET / MRI can:

  • Locate tumors in the brain and distinguish tumor from scar tissue and radiation necrosis.
  • More accurately assess tumor and other sites in the brain for delicate surgery.
  • Diagnosis of dementias (memory loss). Person has deficiency in reasoning, judgement & memory for early intervention.
  • Locate the focus of seizures (Fits) for some patients with epilepsy.
  • Help in neuropsychiatric disorders.


  • Fever of unknown origin. To find out cause of fever.
  • Infection imaging.

Atulaya Healthcare, led and managed by renowned doctors, is committed to care with compassion, is excellent in medical diagnoses and analyses. We have “True Flight Select PET CT” the top-of-the-line machine available in the industry with Time of Flight (TOF) technology.

Benefits of “True Flight Select PET CT” with TOF

  • 30% Improved contrast resolution.
  • Higher sensitivity.
  • Enhanced image quality by reducing image artifacts.
  • Fast scan (40% less acquisition time).

All PET / CT scans are done with appointment only. For appointment, call 7888698326, 7888698328.